Independent Venue Week 2020
ROAM + Superlove + Spoke Too Soon + Forrest Can’t Run

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Eastbourne is most commonly known as a retirement hub; an eden for the elderly, where life goes to notch down a gear. But just one listen to East-born and bred ROAM and it’s clear that not everyone in the southern town got the memo.

Though barely out of their college years, the quintet have made heady progress since their formation in September 2012, notching up a self released mini album, ‘No Common Ground’ (November 2012), and getting stuck into the national gigging circuit with commitment and rambunctious enthusiasm.

Their breakneck pace shows no sign of arresting either, with a sophomore release, 5 track mini-album ‘Head Down’ slated for release less than a year after its predecessor.

Positively bursting with infectious guitar licks and the kind of vocal hooks you may as well resign yourself to humming at regular intervals for the foreseeable future, ‘Head Down’ is a further leap for ROAM in their seemingly unstoppable forward march.

“Since we put out ‘…Common Ground’ we’ve been continually writing, trying out new songs live and changing parts until we felt the new songs were what we wanted,” says guitarist/vocalist Alex Adam; “Head Down is a collection of the best of those songs. We put a lot into them, and we think it shows.”

Completed by lead vocalist Costello, guitarist Sam Veness, bassist Matt Roskilly and drummer Charlie Pearson, ROAM have teamed up with Leeds based DIY label Pinky Swear Records (Neck Deep, Your Demise, Nai Harvest) for the physical release of ‘Head Down’.

“There’s a lot of people willing to sit back and let everything happen for them (or not as the case may be), and then they complain about the situation they’re in,” says Alex; “A lot of this EP is inspired by that bad mindset; it’s all about getting your head down and trying to do stuff yourself.”

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