Fresh Produce Presents:
Echo Machine, VFLambda & Forever Alien

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Echo Machine:

New wave, pop group extraordinaire. After almost a year in the recording studio these lad’s are back and making a big impact and receiving much attention on the current Scottish music scene today. Echo Machine deliver a superb live performance with their high intensity synth sounds and dance electro beats fused together with clear, poptastical and punchy lyrical delivery whats not to automatically love. This band will have you dancing 100% guaranteed.


Heavy, foreboding riffs, experimental sonic storytelling and irresistible stage presence. VFLambda are blending styles with fury and fire, making your hips sway one minute and your face melt the next.

Forever Alien:

An informal audio/performance. Synth/acid/hypnagogic/psych/wave/ played in a minimalist and interesting way.

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