Ed Schrader’s Music Beat & Moaning Double Header

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Baltimore duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat are joined by abrasive L.A. post-punk outfit Moaning for a severely class double header, not to be missed.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat have proven to be one of the hardest acts to musically pin down of recent years. They certainly had punk-esque beginnings with Ed Schrader performing solo on drum, but through their shapeshifting albums they have given us doses of art-pop, baroque, electronic, and more. Their upcoming album Riddles, seems set to continue this unpredictability when it comes out on March 2nd. The new album has been co-arranged and produced by another Baltimore musician who is known and loved for his monolithic weirdo-pop: Dan Deacon. An auspicious partnership if ever there was one.

Moaning, post punk trio comprised of Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, and Andrew MacKelvie, began nearly a decade after the three met in L.A.’s DIY music scene. Their impassioned debut album comes born out of the member’s experiences with love and distress, creating a sound uniquely dark and sincere. Although the band is just breaking out of their infancy, Moaning’s sleek and cavernous tone emphasizes the turmoil of the era they were born into. Their sound drifts from sentimental to catastrophic, hiding meek and introspective lyrics within powerful droning dance songs, giving clear sonic nods to some of the band’s musical heroes like New Order, Broadcast, and Slowdive.

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