Lionoil: Hi & Saberhagen, Passmore, Percy Main

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Lionoil are back at Sneaky’s for a pre-fringe home team Julionoil hustle!

Percy Main is joined by Hi & Saberhägen – stardom bound homies reemerging at one of our parties after a while away, in which time they have released records with Proibito, Yumé and Huntleys + Palmers sub label Belters (there are rumours of a debut Lionoil EP landing later in the year, but don’t tell anyone!)

…and glorious newcomer (to some) Passmore makes his Lionoil debut, and first time back in the Sneaks booth for a long while. We’re super super stoked to be releasing his very first record in a couple of months (which is a serious piece of kit) so it’s only good and proper that he is induced into the pride in our spiritual home.

100% sustainable, locally sourced selectors, playing local and global heaters aw night. Plenty of opportunity for a heap of forthcoming Zionoiz excloosives.

Nae messin, all daein decks b2b2b. Custom rotary mixer, space echo delay pedal.


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