Telfort’s Good Place: Baaz (Office Recordings)

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Telfort is back for some more biannual Good Placin’!

Continuing a theme of bringing over some of his favourite DJs—who incidentally for some reason have yet to play in Scotland, let alone Edinburgh—this time he invites Baaz to the great place that is Sneaky Pete’s (in his own words!)

Baaz is a house producer, DJ and label boss from Berlin, running the consistently superb and artistic Office Recordings. The label has released many of his own most notable records as well other beauts from Christopher Rau and Iron Curtis. Elsewhere, Baaz has quietly avoided the hype but continued to gain european deep house hero status through a number of standout, repress-demanding records on Slices of Life and Minuendo Recordings, to name a couple. This is all while playing out all over the place… except this place it seems, until now!

Expect some B2B action with Telfort and Baaz, taking it viperfish-deep!

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