The Chamber of Psychedelia Vol. 1

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The Chamber of Psychedelia is a live music experience created by local Edinburgh musicians who share a love for the strange and psychedelic.

Performing are four bands, all with their own unique, standalone sound influenced by the unconventional and experimental.

Progressive, atmospheric & completely unique. Dead White Males play psychedelic music in the framework of ‘Just Intonation’. This musical system rejects the compromised tonality of Western music in favour of a beautiful, connected structure based on the fundamental principles of musical acoustics. *Playing a special instrumental set.

Foot-stomping three-piece band laced with flavors of psychedelia. Colour Carnival combine progression, suspense and delivery to take you on a trip like no other.

One-man band PALESKY uses fuzzy guitars, cosmic synths and tight rhythms to create a massive dark sound filled with flavors of vintage rock and hints of modern psychedelia.

Shotgun City Sunshine are a five-piece, good old fashioned rock n’ roll band influenced by some of the key figures of the psychedelic music movement that helped to define the era.

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