The Calm Fiasco, Caezium

“Sharp-edged guitar riffery collides with anthemic songwriting, with just a slight hint of something darker”. – Clash Music

Glaswegian four-piece indie rock band The Calm Fiasco have a combination of catchy, sharp guitar riffs, electric up beat drums and Glaswegian accented vocal, taking inspiration from bands such as The Strokes and the indie-pop hooks of Two Door Cinema Club just released their new EP ‘The Fear’. The EP is a great accomplishment as you can hear the bands progression with every release evident in upcoming records ‘Sorry I’m Late Again’ and ‘Lose Control’ – tracks that you can’t help but tell will be great on any stage.

The Calm Fiasco create records that never lose their essence of a raw and authentic live performance with an in-your-face attitude, producing EPs that stick in your memory and hope to build upon the success of their 2016 single Lose Control.