Withered Hand, Singer Of Songs (SOLD OUT)

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“The UK’s best lyricist” – King Creosote, in The Independent

Withered Hand is the songwriting output of Dan Willson. A cult figure in the Scottish music scene since 2009, Dan has released two widely acclaimed albums, New Gods (2014) and Good News (2009) and several lo-fi EPs. Currently working towards his third full length album, Withered Hand continues to tour and play one-off dates in venues from concert halls to living rooms.

“Killer melodies … wobbly folk grooves … tunes full of warm, woozy sing-song charm” – ‘Artist to Watch’ – Rolling Stone

“Endlessly loveable stuff” – NME

A Singer of Songs is the songwriting output of Lieven Scheerlinck. In 2016 he released “Fading”, his fifth album. These past 8 years he has toured the better and worse parts of Europe. His music has been compared to snow flakes falling in slow motion and a blanket on a cold night. Lieven lives in sunny Barcelona but he was born in Belgium, so he fully appreciates these comparisons.

“Lo-fi lullaby folk that falls on the ears as gently as snowflakes…” – Metro UK

“A deep whisper of Barzin and Damien Jurado, a dusty atmosphere which seems to refer to a Conor Oberst stripped of emphasis.” – Onda Rock

“Like a warm blanket you want to put over you after a bad day. It’s haunting and sweet but there is a tinge of despair laced within it.” – LAisthenewNY.com

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