The Parrots, YOWL, Womps

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Initially ignored at home, they are now considered part of a Madrillean new wave that includes the band Hinds. After three years and half a dozen singles and EPs, they are ready to release their first album, Los Ninos Sin Miedo, on Heavenly.

The Parrots – aka The Fearless Kids – met at university in Madrid, began playing music together, and noisily hacked out a place for their primordial, loose-hipped rock’n’roll. They have played across Europe, the US and Central America – packed nights at the Shacklewell Arms and chelada-fuelled lunchtime showcases at SXSW, raucous gigs of elemental garage noise, feelgood ferocity and many, many stage invasions. “Everybody else gets very motivated when they see us play,” says frontman Diego.

They are joined on the night by fantastic London group YOWL

Five-piece YOWL have gained a reputation as a band of both balance and disharmony; their new EP, ‘Before the Sleep Sets in’, veers from impish morbidity to candid sincerity.

Shining a light on the human condition through several prisms, YOWL focus their outlook into one raging sound that cuts through the banality of the everyday and forces thought from the listener.

‘YOWL’s rough-edged, storytelling spirit has nothing to hide […] all brutal detail and faultless frustration’ – DIY

‘Brooding ruminations on life’s less brilliant parts set to dark, howling garage-rock’ – NME

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