Simon Joyner, Lach (antifolk), Hamish Hawk

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“Omaha has given us the reigning heir to Henry Miller’s dark emotional mirror, Townes Van Zandt’s three-chord moan, and Lou Reed’s warehouse minimalism: his name is Simon Joyner.” — Gillian Welch

“Pound for pound Simon Joyner is my favorite lyricist of all time. He has shades of all the greats (Van Zandt, Cohen, Dylan) but exists in a space all his own … He truly is an American songwriting treasure. It is my hope that more people will discover his music and share in the unique joy that it brings.” — Conor Oberst, Bright Eyes

“Simon’s always been a secret handshake amongst me and my peers. He’s a pioneer. He’s helped pave the way for many people, myself included. He’s an artist in its purest form – for his only concern is crafting a perfect song – which he’s done time and time again.” – Kevin Morby

“Little bits of several folks that I like in what Simon does, but he ends up being his own man, no question.” — John Peel

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