Lionoil: Ajukaja & Thinktank

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Ajukaja, a.k.a. Raul Saaremets, self-proclaimed ‘messiah of leftfield house’ joins local hero Thinktank a.k.a. Colvin Cruickshank for a momentous meeting of minds at this quarter’s Lionoil conference at Sneaky’s.

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TL;DR – this’ll be a special one.

We first came across Ajukaja a while back through a couple of standout, cheeky, oddball 12’s with Andrevski on Levels. Dig a little deeper, and it quickly becomes clear that Raul is a deeply rooted stalwart of the Estonian music scene – running monthly Tallinn institution Mutant Disco for the past 20 years; putting out wildly eclectic and highly sought after records on his Porridge Bullet label; not to mention his 90s output as Hüpnosaurus (with Aivar Tõnso) which endure as relevant today as when they were made.

Similarly Colvin’s Edinburgh roots go deep; long time venue manager of the Wee Red Bar, fiercely eclectic record collector (with a penchant for dancehall); leader of post-punky electro unit Snide Rhythms; all round soundcunt. Last year he re-booted a couple of highly sought after tracks from 2000 on a soon to be highly sought after 10″, this year he provided the inaugural release on Stepback’s label, and in the very near future we will be dropping an EP from him on Lionoil (more on that to follow soon!).

As we say, momentous meeting of minds…

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