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The reviews are in for Spectres‘ new record and – woah.
Essential show on 22nd April.

“‘Condition’ sounds huge, as if the quartet were playing at maximum volume in a canyon. Sudden shifts between grinding white-noise guitar and metronomic strumming – evoking vintage Steve Albini – are set off against terse riffs and hazy, choirboy vocals.” MOJO (4/5)

“Spectres’ pranks sometimes detract from the excellence of their music. ‘Condition’ obscures lovely melodies with disjointed electronica on deliberately self-destructive tracks like ‘Dissolve’.” Uncut (8/10)

“Spectres are not necessarily for people who wish to actually enjoy music in the conventional sense. Instead, they continue to carve their niche amongst listeners who wish to be moved, shaken, challenged and disgusted. A fitting soundtrack to the year’s dystopia.” Crack (7/10)

“‘Condition’ is loud. It is taut, it is coarse and it is hostile. But while each of its sprawling nine tracks is drenched in distortion, give it the respect it deserves and you’ll find melodic and compositional brilliance.” Loud And Quiet (8/10)

“‘Condition’ should come with a label on the front advising ‘approach with caution’. However, its creators’ intransigent desire to confound and confront should be applauded. Spectres: simply one of a kind.” Drowned In Sound (8/10)

“‘Condition’ often has a slught avant-garde feel to it, but it’s ultimately an album full of songs that sound like they’ve been raised with the sole intent of wanting to jump out of the speakers.” The Line Of Best Fit (7/10)

“This is a challenging, uncomfortable listen, but it’s all the more rewarding for it. Spectres are undoubtedly now emerging as their own strange and warped yet fascinating beast.” Louder Than War (8/10)

“This time out, the band has forsaken niceties like song structure, melody, and walls of sound in favour of elongated, almost formless pieces that sound the way a half-torn-down building looks. The pipes are exposed, the plaster is crumbling, and there are sparks spitting out of the outlets. ‘Condition’ is pure, creepy uneasy listening, a well-thought-out and executed deconstruction of their sound.” Allmusic

“It probably won’t come as a surprise that ‘Condition’ is not an album for the faint of heart, but as far as Spectres albums go, this is actually the most welcoming they’ve ever been.” Crackle Feedback (9/10)

“Finally there is a band that has taken what Sonic Youth did with guitars and run with it. ‘Condition’ is an absolute motherfucker. Anyone who still believes that new sounds can be drawn out of guitars and that loving noise doesn’t mean hating melody or structure should be all over this like a hungry octopus.” Soundblab (10/10)

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