Telfort’s Good Place: Matt Karmil (Studio Barnhus)

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It’s finally time for another round of this occasional dance party. The last event back in July with Smallpeople was superb and folk clearly had a great time soooooo on that note, here we go again!

This time Telfort is joined by another absolute favourite of his, Matt Karmil. “I’m stoked to be bringing him over for an Edinburgh debut, particularly since it isn’t easy tracking his whereabouts and working out what city he’s living in, but he has now resurfaced in Berlin after Stockholm, London, Paris, Cologne and Stonehenge all said they hadn’t seen him.

As well as being all round class at music, Matt has been an Internet pen pal of mine for a good while in sharing each other’s music and I’ve been belting out his staggeringly expanding discography, both to moving people and my own ears endlessly. 3 LPs and 7 EPs in just a few years… lol. All amazing stuff too, with releases on Studio Barnhus, Mule Musiq, Beats in Space, Idle Hands, Yumé and 2 full lengths on PNN… nae messin’! On the DJing front, which is really what this is all about after all, well, have you heard Matt’s mixes? ?

Midland recently said that Karmil is an unsung hero of dance music, or something to that effect. I have to agree! As a member of the Studio Barnhus crew, Matt has just been credited by Kornél Kovács for helping to shape his recent and rather brilliant album. A busy and talented dude is Matt, clearly.

Let’s do this!”

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