The Maghreban at TEESH 3D World Club

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We’re back again with one of our favourite Producer/DJs, one of the world’s best basically, The Maghreban!

We’ll be creating various immersive 3D experiences in the club to enjoy again. Free 3D Glasses, 3D artworks, Projections, Light Refraction Glasses & more. It will look like THIS

It’s not easy to pin down Ayman Rostom, aka The Maghreban. Rostom’s been producing music for years, but until 2014 the sounds were a long way from The Maghreban’s crumbling house. His background in hip hop production and passion for jazz and hardcore form his incredible productions. Since embarking on a stylistic shift, he has emerged as one of the most interesting producers around, releasing 12″s that truly standout among his peers.

Boiler Room

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For the uninitiated, TEESH is resident DJ Cheers ‘All You Can Eat Mind Buffet’ through Afro, Cosmic Disco, Soul, Funk, Boogie, Classics, House, Hip Hop, arps, clicks, warm weirdness, subtle highs and occasional strandbar, throwing parties the 2nd Saturday of the month at Sneaky Pete’s.

With past guests including ~ Kindness / Pearson Sound / Palms Trax / Lord Of The Isles / Glowing Palms / Project Pablo there is also a strong emphasis on visual art & video….

Some examples here

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