Jayda G for TEESH 3rd Birthday + Hollick (No Bad Days)

We’re gonna be 3 years deep this October and are fairly exulted to have Jayda G fly over to join TEESH!

Hailing from Vancouver, Jayda G, who spends her time between Canada and Berlin, is the co-founder of ‘Freakout Cult’, the record label and Vancouver based party which she runs alongside DJ Fett Burger of Sex Tags Mania / Sex Tags UFO. Her productions on the Freakout Cult imprint have been setting dance floors alight with support from all the top deej including DJ Harvey playing her ‘NYC Party Track’ out.

Her recent Boiler Room, performances at Dimensions festivals and a whole host of club nights around Europe display a blissful mix of disco and boogie records alongside stomping house cuts.


Joining residents DJ Cheers & Semi Deluxe of crucialandfresh.com from 11 – 1:30 we are psyched to welcome Hollick of No Bad Days. NBD has emerged from the leafy undergrowth as one of our favourite new labels with a suitably bucolic aesthetic and outlook to match.

Their first two outings on the imprint from Selvy & Roberto and with a packed release schedule for 2017 NBD recently contributed to the inaugural Boiler Room up front mix, surely a sign of things to come and definitely worth a listen.

With a superb show on Radar Radio whilst also playing some of the nicest new do’s around London at Rye Wax, Brilliant Corners and Corsica Studios, Hollick seems to have all bases covered.