TEENCANTEEN, Boohoohoo, Agony Ant

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“To celebrate the release of our long awaited debut album, ‘SAY IT ALL WITH A KISS’, we’ll be playing SNEAKY PETE’S in Edinburgh on FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER. Supported by the hotly tipped BooHooHoo and introducing Agony Ant

Released via Last Night From Glasgow, SAY IT ALL WITH A KISS was recorded in mono at Tape Studio and Produced by Stephen A Watkins – Record Producer & Mixer – Tape Studio Edinburgh UK in Leith, ‘Say It All With A Kiss’ has a powerful polished pop sound with a post punk ethos at heart. Proudly featuring sonic sisterhood and soaring strings from the incredible Aurora Engine and The Cairn String Quartet.

Sparkling synth sounds, driving drums, classic three-part harmonies and pure pop songwriting, the 14 track ‘Say It All With A Kiss’ will be released on Limited Edition (300 copies only) 12” heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with inner printed lyric bag featuring artwork by Ross Sinclair. The album also comes on USB Credit card format (very cool!) and all digital platforms – iTunes, Amazon etc


BOOHOOHOO: Heat your oven to 237 degrees, place some synthesisers between sheets of cling film and bake for 2 years. Remove from the oven and bash with a drum stick really HARD. Garnish with 3 part harmonies and let it cool by an open window. There you have it – BooHooHoo, an electronic pop band from Glasgow. Simple. Rustic. Done. (May contain nuts).

AGONY ANT: Pocket-knifed sized anger sealed with a Lolita puckered kiss, Agony Ant are a fresh faced Guerilla-girl-band from the post-punk city of Edinburgh. Chiming out answers left hung out to dry by their riot grrrrl foresisters, they are born from the new-wave generation of girls making music in Scotland. Agony Ant are Emma, Eve, Claire and Doska – colony escaping crusaders on jetpacks to Venus armed with a bass, a guitar, some sticks and a mic.”

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