Notsosilent 4th Birthday with Funkineven

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For the Edinburgh leg of our 4th Birthday, we’re super stoked to finally have managed to invite up an absolute favourite past guest, Steven Julien a.k.a. Funkineven to Sneakys for his debut in the capital.

I expect no introduction is needed for most, but for those who aren’t aware Stevie is a talent who bridges Alexander Nut and Floating Points’ Eglo Records and Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats with his unique brand of raw analog wave/techno/funk. His label Apron Records has pulled together likeminded makers of wonky machine music such as Seven Davis Jr, Greg Beato, Brassfoot and Delroy Edwards. From sample laden MPC jams like “Dreams” to the all-out-evil machine funk of “Dracula”, his sound is unique and instantly recognisable.

Hinting at a name change in a couple of Apron 12”s, this summer he completed the transformation through the release of his outstanding debut album, “Fallen”. Without doubt one of the best LPs of 2016, and a real development of an unwaveringly brilliant sound over the years.

This is a pretty rare intimate party for Stevie, and with the recent album it couldn’t be better timed to celebrate 4 years of notsosilent in the capital.

Bring on the party hats 🙂

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