Scruff Of The Neck

Scruff Of The Neck Records Showcase: We Came From Wolves, Exit the Theatre, We Came From the North

Based out of Manchester, Scruff of the Neck Records is an independent record label with their ears to the ground and their eyes to the future. A tireless work ethic has seen the label grow exponentially in both size, and reputation over the course of the last few years, and as a result they’re rapidly becoming one of the go-to grass-roots labels in the city.

Though their roster is predominately Manchester-centric, 2015 has seen Scruff spread both its wings, and its influence, and now their sights are set on becoming a truly national presence, forging relationships with artists and bands nationwide, always keeping in mind their mantra of putting the bands first.

We Came From Wolves

Exit The Theatre

We Came From The North