Tongue Trap EP Launch

**** ‘Riot Grrrl acolytes Tongue Trap…fun, poppy punk, sparkling with the right doses of playful gusto and pointed feminist lyricism’ – THE SKINNY

Tongue Trap release their debut EP upon the world.

From their girl meets girl meets girl beginnings at Girls Rock School Edinburgh to their live debut and their first festival appearance, they’ve been winning fans in all the right places.

Taking influences from the DIY scene past and present, Tongue Trap give their fresh, feminist perspective on life in a punk/ riot grrrl/ grunge style. And although the subjects might be serious, their tongues are frequently firmly in cheek (and other places as well).

Joining the fun for the evening are lo-fi loafers Fuzzystar and slacker storytellers Nice Church.

More details to be announced.

Entry: £6