Telfort’s Good Place: Smallpeople (Smallville Records, Hamburg)

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“Right then this occasional one-off-special type effort at Sneaky Pete’s is back after a perfect start early in the year. 🙂

Exceeeept, rather stepping things up this time and won’t just be going it alone as before. I’ll be welcoming !!! Smallpeople !!! over to Edinburgh and the mad sweatbox that is Sneaky’s for the first time!

Other than being absolutely class DJs in their own right, Smallpeeps—aka Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld (or Dionne)—run the SMALLVILLE RECORDS label and shop. The Smallville shop is easily the best I’ve been in for club music of all kinds. Many of you will be familiar with the label and probably in love with it after 11 years of releasing some of the best house music ever including their own productions like the Salty Days LP and Black Ice EP, and then the work of like… Move D, Christopher Rau, Moomin, Lawrence, Benjamin Brunn and STL! Meanwhile, Smallpeople have released legit classics of their own on labels like Underground Quality and Laid.

As top selectors and two of my favs, it was very cool to hear they were supporting my music and playing it out. After a few hours in the Smallville shop during a stay in Hamburg and talking about this night happening, it all came together pretty seamlessly. Couldn’t be more excited. There is an actual belter incoming trust me!” – Telfort

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