Sneaks 8th Birthday with loads of giveaways

Eight years old going on Thirty Eight. Depends if you include the original Sneaks or just this new thing we’ve been running for a minute. Who’s counting anyway right?

It’s our birthday but you’re getting prizes!

Señor Scoop boozy Ice Cream from Hoot The Redeemer!

– Skate n laptop stickers designed by Rachel Watson !

– Spot prize margaritas for people who smile at us!

LuckyMe record giveaway !

– More stuff tbc!

– Hey members check this! We are setting the tills to give away QUINTUPLE points all night. That means 5 the points by the way. Hey, you’ve earned it.

– Nick the boss will be DJing alongside Declan, Dan & Kami.

£2 entry / members free / probably a good night to pick up a members card.