Firecracker Recordings ‘Heal Yourself and Move’ with Panoram (live)

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Panoram‘s inspirations are manifold – classic ambient, jazz, IDM, library music, Vangelis, instrumental hip-hop, early avant-garde synthesizer music, Eric Satie and Boards of Canada, for starters – but the music he makes rarely sounds like the work of anyone else. Firecracker released the Rome-native’s debut LP in 2014 and claimed the The Vinyl Factory award of ‘Album Of The Year’. He is rarely seen to perform in public so this is a rare treat; a ‘bonne bouche’ for the ear and mind indeed.

Panoram on stage at 12.30.

As ever, label head House Of Traps plays DJ host, this time to be joined by West Coast collective 12th Isle’s DJ Crud.

House Of Crud.

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