KINO KIMINO, Commie Cars, Nice Church, Blondelocks

Kino Kimino is the musical lovechild of a project from Kim Talon, featuring Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and Lee Ranaldo. The debut album Bait Is For Sissies was recorded at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio, and is out June 3rd via My Favourite Chords.

Check the new single below, premiered on Fader magazine. “Caste Out is kind of a love letter to my home city, Winnipeg,” Talon told The FADER in an email. “The song was initially inspired by the caste system in India and our (invisible/unnamed) Western equivalent to that. ‘Caste Out’ confesses the experience of being an outsider and speaks to the joy of finding others who swim against the current.”

Pls note Steve and Lee won’t be touring for these shows, but Kino Kimino will be a full band.