“I would seek medical attention immediately”
5 Questions with… Yuck

London grunge rockers Yuck are on a super long tour. After spending weeks on the road in the ol’ US of A, Max, Mariko, Jonny and Ed are back on home turf and ready to play us their brand new album ‘Stranger Things’. The third record from the band came out in February, and singles like Hearts in Motion and Cannonball confirm that Yuck’s heavily caffeinated riffs and sugary distortions still make a very special brew. We asked vocalist/guitarist Max Bloom a couple of questions about self-producing the record, the 90s revival, karaoke and melty pizza men before the band pay us a visit on May 13.

1) Hi Yuck! How are you? You’re on the road for a looong time this year – what’s the key to staying sane in the Yuck van?

I never really manage to stay completely sane, but I would recommend eating well, sleeping well and not drinking too much. There is NOTHING worse than being hungover in the van, trust me.

2) Stranger Things is a great big ball of fun, gloomy, melodic fuzz – can you tell us about the decision to produce the record yourselves?

I guess after recording the second album I missed being in a relaxed environment where we were able to make all the decisions without any outside interference. It was a really relaxed way of doing things and we’re all really proud of the finished product.

3) Your single Cannonball is super ace, and *not* a Breeders cover! It’s definitely got a 90s vibe though; bands like Built to Spill and Fugazi are often checked as influences of yours. What is it about the era of grubby dungarees that keeps you interested?

There were a handful of bands that I discovered when I was 17, bands like Sonic Youth, Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Wilco, etc, and they definitely changed the way I thought about music. My influences are definitely wider now, but I tend to appreciate great songwriting and melodies over anything, and I felt extremely connected to bands around at that time.

4) One deluxe package of your album comes with a karaoke pass! If we were to karaoke with you, what would you choose for our duet? 

Probably something by Abba. Someone actually already bought the karaoke pass and we did it in Austin. I was definitely hogging the microphone, but I didn’t care.

5) Finally: Is the guy in your album artwork a lizard man, or a melty pizza man? Is he representative of how we’ll feel, after watching your show? 

I’d say he’s more a melty pizza man. If you feel or look like that guy after watching our show I would seek medical attention immediately.

Yuck play Sneaky Pete’s on May 13, with support from Soda Fabric and The Van T’s. Doors at 7pm – the show is sold out!