VLADIMIR, The New Fabian Society, The Draynes, Tormain

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Vladimir are like The Cure if they didn’t sing about love. There are dark tones in Peter Mackenzie’s electric guitar, much like the post-punk sounds of Beach Fossils. Together, the quartet form a unity where the space rock percussion and layers of guitar mash to create a sinister atmosphere, or as Vladimir describe on their Facebook – bleak.

The New Fabian Society are a Glaswegian bi-polar trio formed through excess, loathing and misery, specialising in loud, shambolic, psychedelic post industrial punk.

The Draynes are an Edinburgh garage-punk duo born out of a shared appreciation for raw rock n roll.

Tormain are Indie quartet born and bred in Scotland’s capital and named after a medium sized hill that lies on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The band came together, unexpected on a bleak winter night. Creating music based around many different influences of music and sharing the love of Buckfast Tonic Wine.

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