Samedia Shebeen

The Samedia Shebeen started life in 2010 as an idea for a touring festival tent, transporting late-night party people to an imaginary jungle voodoo den cum lost township shebeen.

With full, immersive set design and d├ęcor, and a soundtrack spanning old and new sounds of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and New Orleans, it has proven a big hit with people at clubs and festivals. Since 2010 Samedia has popped up at The Roxy Arthouse during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, appeared as a regular clubnight at The Third Door and travelled to Boomtown Fair, Kelburn Garden Party and Knockengorroch Festival.

When you can’t come to the party, we take the party to you with the Samedia Outrider, Mobile Disco and Fruit Shop. It’s basically Samedia on wheels.