Snax Trax – Project Pablo (1080P Collection)

We’ve been building ’em up quietly and we are ready to drop some H E A T.

What on God’s green earth are they feeding ’em in Canada? We can’t figure it out but we’d like some too.

Vancouver’s 1080p does nothing to buck the trend of serving up high quality house music, exuding a warmth, energy and charm that consistently emanates from the west coast of Canada and is happily consumed the world over. The whole foods of house music, the 1080p imprint showcases talent such as Lnrdcory, Mongo Skato, Khotin and Neu Balance. Project Pablo finds himself in excellent company.

“Project Pablo’s bright and deep slant on easy-listening is built on sturdy but loose percussion, heavy bass grooves and insanely catchy/whistle-able melodic hooks.”

Ahead of last year’s release of the album ‘I want to believe’ (on cassette and digital, order here) and in a moment of Aeropress-coffee-fuelled madness we dropped him a line and asked him to contribute. With the 1080p write up stating that this was: ‘taped out moods for club and kitchen use.’ it would have been silly not to really.



Granola and Coffee (of varying quality) start off the day. While its quite chilly outside here in Montreal, for the most part its bright and sunny every morning! “Tabanka” has got the morning vibe on lock–smooth, sunny synths, guitar riffs galore, and a sax solo that gets stuck in my head all day. Tunes like this alleviate the pain of staying inside, and prepare the pallet for making tunes or writing emails.



Lunch requires something more upbeat. I usually have no idea what I’m going to eat, resulting in a hustle to the closest italian grocery store, Milano’s. “Nexus” gets me out of whatever trance/daze I’m in from emailing or producing, and so does the -20 degree weather. Baguette, cheese, meat and bread–something simple. The rawness of “Nexus” is like the sandwich, stripped down, effective, and grooved out.



I keep it classic for dinners. I don’t like to mess around or experiment all too often, cause messing one up can ruin your day, and worse, tamper with the vibe for the night! It may be boring to some, but I can’t get sick of chicken, rice, and what ever veggies I have, topped with some fried chickpeas (hot tip!). Cooking paired with some Kerri, can do no wrong. I just picked up the repress of his “Mood” EP while in LA, and always get caught on “Rain”. The swung out percussion, and descending chord progression mixed with the subdued, yet energetic, vocal hook is everything I need when prepping for, or ending, a night.

Project Pablo plays TEESH at Sneaky Pete’s on Saturday 12th March