AUTOBAHN, Vladimir, Facial Slurs

“I think you can just tell when a band’s from Leeds, can’t you?” said Craig Johnson, frontman of Autobahn. He’s right, you can tell. Or at least you used to be able to tell when a band was from Liverpool, or you could tell when a band was from Manchester, or you could tell when a band was from Leeds. Autobahn’s name is misleading, because their music has little of Düsseldorf’s gleaming chrome technophilia. No, their music has the shadowy, oppressive foreboding of Sisters of Mercy, The Mission – Leeds bands; goth Leeds bands from a time when the city was synonymous with that tenebrous subgenre of postpunk. As well as the music having an essence of Joy Division producer (and Mancunian) Martin Hannett, more than anything it is a Leeds/goth sensibility that is most evident – an extreme, almost to the point of camp, version of postpunk murk and miserablism. Look at the titles on their debut album: Dissemble; Beautiful Place To Die; Suicide Saturday; Deprivation. There is a dark delight in despair and doom, in the 50 shades of emotional grey on offer to your average depressive teen.

Breaking through in a big way, Vladimir are one of Scotland’s most exciting and menacing indie rock acts. Already a looming figure in the currently very exciting Dundee scene, they’ve been the go-to guys to set the standard for support bads, from The Libertines and The View to Sleaford Mods. We’re excited to be hosting them, not for the first time. as they’re on the cusp of something very special right now.