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February 3rd, 2012

John Wean (pronounced John Wayne), are four Scottish lads who write songs about love, life and their biggest interest: Girls. Hailing from the Glasgow suburb of Uddingston, world renowned for its Tunnock’s chocolate factory, the boys have been described as “The best thing out of Uddingston since the Tunnock’s Tea Cake”.

The band have been described as the sound of the Skins / Inbetweeners generation (as well as a cross between the early Arctic Monkeys and The Proclaimers!) because they throw up all the same thoughts and feelings that these shows purvey and mirror the lives of most of today’s youth. Indie Pop with a Scottish flavour an instant appeal.

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February 3rd, 2012

This Is Music music is the point where all of our nights collide. Bargain Harold and Tallah Disco take Sneaky’s forward thinking policy and twist it into something that’s just great fun. It’s the music we all love but in a very cool context. Rustie and SBTRKT but also Prince and Fleetwood Mac. It’s not a mashup night, it’s just a bunch of great music all together.

£3 / members free.

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